Botswana Photo Safari: Twelve Best

Copyright Notice: All photos on this blog post are copyrighted by the owner, Jo Ann Creore.  All rights reserved.


I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging but not because I have been inactive. Wonderful trips to a Mexican ranch for horseback riding and to Baja to touch and kiss grey whales, plus a return to my favourite winter backcountry retreat have made for a busy year. Normally I would hasten to write about these trips, but a new passion has taken over my life: writing mysteries. It took a photo safari with Natural Habitat in Botswana to jolt me back onto the blogging path.  In subsequent posts, I’ll share images of various animals, but I want to start with my favourites: the twelve best.

The first six were easy. Here they are, in random order. Click on photos for full-screen view.


1. Heron. This bird seemed to be posing for a Rembrandt painting.Heron



2. Female Leopard. Grace and confidence.

Female Leopard



3. The light was right, and the lady performed.

Female Leopard



4. A magic moment, when the impala posed against the light.




5.  I have no idea what he was laughing about.

Lion laughing



6.  Four cubs wondering who we are.

Four cubs dining



The next six won out over stiff competition.


7.  The most beautiful bird in Africa in all its glory: Lilac-breasted Roller.

Lilac-breated Roller



8.  Killer expression.




9.  Vultures are beautiful only when they fly.




10.  I didn’t see the baby in the middle until I started working on the photo.

Elephant family



11. I didn’t take a lot of landscapes, but I love the peace and calm of this scene.

African calm



12.  Majestic baobab trees.