Images of Patagonia


All journeys unfold chronologically, but for me Patagonia is a collage of snapshots, without order or even geographical cohesion.  I remember blue lakes, immense glaciers, flaming skies, tranquil landscapes, arid badlands, strange birds and soaring granite peaks that stretch to the heavens.

Who dropped the petrified firewood?  The tree that produced these logs lived during the age of the dinosaurs, long before there were humans around to use an axe.

One crazy rock!

Some giant was obviously having fun.

Mother-in-law cushion

Ubiquitous in Patagonia, this thorny mat plant is no place to sit.

Fitzroy massif.

An iconic image of Patagonia on a rare cloudless day.

Long-tailed meadowlarks, the signature bird of Patagonia.

More colourful than our Rocky Mountain meadowlarks, these birds are happy to pose for photographs.

Perito Moreno glacier

Even the hordes of tourists and intrusive metal walkways cannot spoil the majesty of this roiling sea of ice.

Lake below the Upsala glacier.

A far more peaceful and natural landscape.

A lone guanaco stands guard.

These camelids of Patagonia roam the grasslands, paying little attention to hikers.

Sunrise on the Torres del Paine

Once in a rare while a photograph does justice to a memory.  This image will never fade from my mind.


I’m not sure what kind of earthcreeper he is, but he is certainly bright eyed and cheerful.

Prehistoric cave paintings

In this cave high above a valley nomadic people paused and hunted.  The open hand indicates that this is a good place to hunt.

Sunset at EcoCamp