From Fact to Fiction


ANNOUNCING a series of mystery adventure novels set in the Canadian wilderness and featuring the following cast of characters:

Mora Lassan. Mountaineer, adventure addict and retired professor of medieval and Renaissance literature, who swears like a trooper in Elizabethan English. A tiny bundle of grit and determination, she has attitude, lots of it. She knows how to survive in the wilderness, but sometimes attitude, grit and knowledge aren’t enough.

Joe Harris. Good looks, a brilliant mind, a generous heart. But also a tendency to act without thinking and a quick temper, qualities that sometimes get him into more trouble than he can handle. Every story needs a handsome young hero, but Joe has a lot of growing up to do. That is, if he lives long enough.

Wally LaPierre. Outfitter in Banff and rancher, passionate about his work. A shrewd, muscular, gentle giant with a medieval sense of chivalry. His steadfast loyalty to friends sometimes conflicts with his strong sense of right and wrong, leading to decisions that have unintended consequences.

Erin Soames. A young lawyer with all of the toughness of Mora. She hopes that Joe will eventually mature into the man she knows he can be, the man she can marry, but she’s cutting him no slack.

Nature. Yes, Nature is an active participant in my stories, exerting her power on heroes and villains alike.

These novels arise from my lifetime of climbing, backpacking, ski mountaineering and exploring the Canadian mountains and arctic tundra. The characters and stories are fictional, but the landscape is as real as I can make it, and my goal is to evoke both the beauty and the harsh reality of the wilderness.

The first book is ready to go. Details in the next post.

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