Every year I make up several calendars on different themes to share with friends and family.  Photographic quality is often secondary to the desire to tell stories of my adventures or recall happy moments.  This year, in addition to the above, I collected my best landscape photos from Patagonia, Portugal and western Canada and found that I had enough for a 13 month calendar.  Photography is certainly not the main focus of my travels, but I thought that the following images were good enough to share.

Mt Baker, Rocky Mountains, Canada

Fitzroy Massif, Argentina

Bugaboos, Purcell Mountains, Canada

Douro River, Portugal

Sunrise at Eco-Camp, Chile

Purcell Mountains, Canada

Vineyards, Douro River, Portugal

Mt Ball, Rocky Mountains, Canada

Reflections, Douro River, Portugal

Looking across the lake to the Torres del Paine, Chile

FIelds of gold and smoke from a wildfire, Douro Valley, Portugal

Moonrise near Shadow Lake, Rocky Mountains, Canada

4 thoughts on “MY FAVOURITE LANDSCAPES: 2012

  1. Beautiful photos. And making a calendar is also great idea. I didn’t thin about this before but maybe I will copy your idea, if you don’t mind 🙂

    • Yes, I took all of them. Except for two, for which I used a Nikon D200, they were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-T53. The latter being waterproof and shockproof, as well a weighing next to nothing, gets taken everywhere. The Nikon with lenses and tripod is just too heavy for my aging body to lug around, and so long as I’m not shooting wide angle or telephoto, I really can’t tell the difference.

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