THE FUNNY SIDE OF ADVENTURE (from the charming to the ridiculous)

Very few of  my wildest moments have been preserved in photos (for example, my rodeo exhibition on a spinning horse in Mongolia, or the mad dash to chase down a cartwheeling tent on the Dais Glacier, or the exploding coke bottles on the same glacier, or the failed igloo on the Wapta Icefield – these exist only in my memory).  But my photo collection does give some idea of how adventure can be gently amusing or downright ridiculous.  Herewith my favourites.

He can't quite reach the stirrups.

I love the expression on this Mongolian father’s face

Mongolian superhighway

This is what passes for a road in most of Mongolia.

Holiday on horseback, Banff style

This photo was taken on the sixth day of rain and snow on a horse trek in Banff National Park in September.

Durrand Glacier trail

Sometimes a little push is needed.

I thought we hired a snowmobile to do this

And sometimes you need a big push.  Heading for Summit Lake, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island.

All dressed up and where are we going?

John ready to face the elements on Mt Logan.

All loaded down and wishing I wasn't

This may be the silliest I have ever looked.

The stupidest looking peak I ever climbed

This one has no rival.



I think we’ve all been there.

When's the snowmobile coming?

At this point I had had just about enough cold and wind in Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island.

Do we really want to do this?

Summit day on Denali.


Five star hotel

Below Tesi Lapcha pass, Nepal

Having wonderful time. Wish you were here.

Waiting out a storm on Mt Logan.

Bridge, anyone?

Actually, this camp on the Dais Glacier, British Columbia, was a lot of fun.  Because our pilot allowed 100 lbs of gear each, we had all the comforts of home, not to mention beer, wine and exploding coke bottles.

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